Sustainable Mobility Cooperation - Germany & The Netherlands #NLGERMobility

Sustainable Mobility Cooperation - Germany & The Netherlands #NLGERMobility

Both Germany and the Netherlands are striving to modernize their mobility infrastructure and make it sustainable. A common goal, worldwide, is that future mobility should be climate-friendly and intelligent. Therefore, both countries are looking for economic and engineering synergies while working together on bilateral projects.

The kick-off for the Dutch-German Sustainable Mobility cooperation will take place March 25th, 2021. At the beginning we will focus on charging infrastructure and hydrogen for heavy duty vehicles. Then joint projects of common interest will be defined. The objective of the cooperation is to exchange ideas and share experiences at European level, work together on cross-border solutions in the mobility sector as well as get in contact with new research and business partners and explore business developments. In order to initiate further and new (EU) projects, the cooperation lays the foundation for a multi-annual approach.

* Collage of two pictures from Adobe Stock
(car © thesomeday123; network ©K!NGW!N)
and tyre adaptation by Marlene Kern Design

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