Automated FE model validation

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Achieve lead time reduction and significant Return On Investment (ROI)

Successful implementation of Finite Elements (FE) as a tool for analyzing engineering problems requires FE model validation. Depending on the complexity of the available models this can include, simulation based, Accuracy and Validity Checks or even Correlation to test. This project focuses on Validity Checks and the relevant workflow automation in order to set up and execute such checks and finally create a validation report.

Validity Checks are not new to FE analysts, who use them in order to save time and computational resources by avoiding running incorrect FE models. For instance the FEMCI group of NASA lists some of them in their FEMCI Book. Even though these checks are very important, to ensure models will give mathematically correct results, oftentimes they can be time consuming to execute and document manually.

In this project Optiphore subcontracted for Altair Germany, with the end customers being European aerospace companies. The solution implemented goes beyond the typical checklist (for instance an Excel sheet) to implementing a step-by-step workflow, guiding the engineers through setting up the necessary model checks in HyperWorks pre-processing environment. Moreover, we are generating standard reports with the model checks results in an automated fashion. These are easier to review and also save the engineers the effort of manually copying and pasting values and screenshots.

Optiphore implements FE workflow automations to minimize the efforts spent on repetitive pre-processing tasks and thereby achieve lead time reduction and significant Return On Investment (ROI).

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Optiphore’s expertise in CAE software customization

Our Director of CAE Services, Harris Zografos, brings vast experience in the field of CAE software customization. He was the Team Leader for the customization team at Altair Sweden and also the Product Manager for Altair’s Squeak and Rattle solution (SnRD) for several years. Under his lead, Optiphore has implemented various projects in the pre- and post-processing automation field.

Optiphore’s team is capable of undertaking software projects from the initial collection and documentation of requirements all the way to Quality Assurance (QA), deployment and documentation of the final solution. We are also experienced in training new users on how to make the most out of the implemented solutions. For more details, please contact Harris Zografos.

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